Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Facebook Hacker Breaks Into Zuckerberg's Timeline to Report Bug

If you know hacking then and you're finding a bug on Facebook you have advantage defer it by way of the company's WhitHat disclosure program and get a award.

If Users you've found a bug on Facebook, and they avoid you ?

A Hacker and Developer of Palestine too not recommended step of posting on Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's Timeline, taking benefit real bug he was arduous to report.

A Hacker and Developer of Palestine, His good name is Khalil Shreateh invented that there was a way to share a post on someone's timeline even he is not in your friend list but you can post on his/her timeline, It is the way to Bypass the Facebook's Privacy Settings.

He reported of exposure via email to the bug bounty program, but Social Networks failed to note the exposure in his report, corresponding to Shreateh's blog post. 

A head reporting the bug, Shreateh profitably tested it by posting on the wall of Sarah Goodin, Zuckerberg's Former College Girl we call as Classmate. he comprehended a link to that post in the email, but the Facebook Security Employee receive that Mail - after identifying just post named as Emrakul, and he couldn't see that post, since he was not friend with Sarah Goodin.

That's what Sheatreh tried to define in a follow up to Emrakul, alarmed or ominous that he could post very well Zuckerberg's Timeline,If he desired. He joined that he would not,
'"could I make respect People Privacy" he supposedly wrote. His second Mail, still - was ignored.

Khalil Shreateh sent him another Offical Mail in report format, describing the bug again. That time the Emrakul supposedly answered; "I am S('_')RRY that is not a real bug".On which Shreateh reply back. "okey" that means "I have no more choice other than this to Mark, report himself on Facebook". and he did as he think. 

The achievement go the consideration of Ola Okelola, one more Facebook Security Engineer. Okelola give his argue on that post, asked for more information on bug. After a little conversation, Khalil Shreateh's Facebook Account was gone in Suspended Account's list as a "Pre-Caution". one more Facebook Security Engineer, his good name is Joshua made clear to Shreateh by "Email".

"Unluckily, your excuse with an image of report to our whithat system didn't have technological info for us to take an action on it". Joshua written "We cannot respond any kind of report to take an action when it does not contain enough detail to wake up call on this serious issue for Facebook's Security". He combinally reply back that Facebook Network will "Unluckily not able to pay you for that exposure because your movement disrupt our Term of Service".
By posting on Mark's Timeline, Shreateh also offend Facebook's accountable leak policy ___ proscribes people who invent bugs to take benefits of them and determines the bugs on People's accounts without their approval.

The most important issue here is that how the bug was determine utilizing the accounts of real people without their permission (approval), "made it clear of Facebook Matt's Jones" on the Hacker News site.Facebook has proved to Admirable(TheTricksCenter.com) that Jones is absolutely an employee.

"Manipulating bugs to impact actual users is not agreeable behavior for whithat. we authorize researchers to make test accounts Whithat further accountable research and testing. In this situation, the researcher utilized the bug he invented to post on the Facebook Timelines of many users without their agreement" Jones addition.

Facebook deny to chat further. As well, the bug was permanent on Thursday, conferring to Jones.

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