Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free Android Apps For Smartphones

Free is Best it's also productive, Free is also better but Paid is perfect :-). Now that So, a lot of Business Users make commotion to take their exhibition on the road, It's only make a sense to payload those Android Smartphones with production tools that can help bring the Job done. Both sufficiently and efficiently. Which where these five apps move in. with Five collection of applications at the  prepared, you should be smart to get your work on - the -  go without fall a single penny on Software. Does this sound better to appreciate?

  • King Soft Office
King Soft Office This Mobile App series feature, 23 supported different kind of files, mail app unification, swarm storage support, gesture(reminder) support and plenty more. All of these features are accommodate in a very effective correspond  that doesn't get in the method of usage.King Soft Office would authorize your mobile Office :-).

  • Mint.com
Mint is an Awesome way to manage personal property, No - you won't be merging with Quick Books but you can track someone spending specially yours, categorize transaction, budget, saving credit, track checking, credit card accounts and they would mail you for bills, fees, low balances and plenty more. On top of this App , All about your's would transfer with bank level security which keep an eye on by both TRUSTe and VeriSign.

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  • Ever Note

Ever Note ,this is another gold standard app for Business. In this circumstances for Note taking. Fairly , Ever Note is quietly the best choice to occupy this need. you can carry notes, create do to lists, record audio notes, capture photos and then sync them side to side all desktop devices and mobile correlate with your account. On Top of Ever note offers an amazingly well-designed junction that's as professional efficient as it's clean. 

  • Astro Cloud and File Manager 
Astro Cloud and File Manager together with Astro SMB Module are a best team to enable you to take files back outward between desktop, server SMB shares to, from an FTP Server. as the name suggest, Astro supports differing cloud services. As of this  Sky Drive, Google Drive, Drop Box, Box are supported  and Also Facebook is supported. which gives it whole quantity of the makings not humorously bendable and powerful file manager. Who uses their Smartphones for the business purpose on the go need to install both of mentioned tools.

  • Google Drive  
Google Drive is the last entry and offers a bit of lap between King Soft and Astro. But if you are a user of Google Drive, you should have this app, not only does it but immolate(Offer Up) the better way to connect the process into your Drive Account, but it's also the simplest way to  taking files back and outward b/w your Drive account and your Smartphones. Using this app you can make new documents and spreadsheets also, create scans from your smartphone's cam and upload all files to your Google Drive Account with unlimitation.

These tools which are number in 5 described with screenshots, would help you to make your mobile experience more business prepared and effective. Off course, there are thousands of apps that doing a great works in their criteria, but this list offers the best of the crop level sense and handling. If you not tried one or more than that of these apps, Install them and try one by one all to all these apps they would bring your mobile into Business life :-)

what alternative free production apps would you boost to this list? Share your assumptions in the conversation thread below.

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