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How To Make Encrypted Email Messages Using Google Docs

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Recently, there is lots chatter about Email tracking and how Government peep on Email talking. If you'd then, like to keep away your Email private and will not comparable  anyone else to read , check intimate "G-mail Messages" excepting the recipient, you should scrutinize encrypting you email before sending him/her/them .

There are many browser extensions that helps you to encrypt G-mail but here we discussed a latest and more advance with easiness named as "Google Documents" occupied encrypting method  that works transverse all browsers and demand no adds-on or apps. You protect your Mail (message) with a solid or typical password and the recipient would have to enter the same keyword in password condition in soothing to decry-pt your message.

For the professionally adapt, "Google Documents" occupied solution (encrypts and decrypts) your Email messages utilizing the industry standard AES algorithm which is carried out in Google Apps Script utilizing SJCL, a Java-Script library for "Morse Alphabet" developed at Basic.

How To Encrypt G-mail Messages 

Encrypt The Message Before Sending to Recipient

  1. Open G-Mail and Click to compose a new Email message. Add the the Recipient into the required field, add any subject (on which topic you're sending an Mail) it won't be encrypted and type you "Message" in field. Don't Click on the send button, leave that message into draft.
  2. Make a Copy of the Encrypt G-Mail sheet into your Google Drive. Select G-Mail> Log In and grant the sheet to enter into your G-Mail Account 
  3. Take your G-Mail Draft from the drop down, type a password and Hit to Send a Mail.  

The Google Sheet would now encrypt your Email Message utilizing AES and it sent to the Recipient via your "G-Mail Account". So Now, Recipient machine that how they decrypt the Message .

Decrypt The Email Messages Through Code 

  1. Open encrypted Message from your G-Mail Inbox that just have, select the Person Email and make a copy into your clipboard.
  2. Proceed ahead through G-Mail Decrypt. enter the personal keyword which one set by you and Paste your encrypted Email Message into the second field. Click the "Decrypt Button" for see the Message.

Encrypting Email with Google Document is too east and other advance thing is that recipient can "Decrypt" and "Encrypt" the all Messages utilizing any browser without needing apps or browser adds-on. :-)

Further, when you type a Draft Message inside a G-Mail, it is linked too the Google Storage System then it'd auto stored in Google Servers. If you'd like to keep Google out of the curve, you can also type a Message farthest G-Mail (inside notepad) and you should encrypt it offline  before sending a Official Message via Google.

you can also do same means encrypt or decrypt your message on Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Outlook etc.These all tools encrypt and decrypt messages inside the browser and a little amount of your data ever leaves the unofficial Computer System.

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