Friday, August 23, 2013

Search Engine Optimization-Check Duplicate Content of Blogs

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Today we are sharing about Duplicate Content checker which is necessary for Blogging. Duplicate Content is a catastrophe enemy of your Blog or your Websites - It is vital factor in Search Engine Optimization. Now a days Google is Functioning "Thief Of Content" stole your all over material from you Blog ans share on their Blog or Websites. It is expenditure full for you because SEO unaware from Original Content, So it's time to claim on someone who stole your personal content from your Blog.

What is different between plagiarism and Copyrigths
Someone copy your personal For Instance: Softwares, Photos, Videos, Personal Articles or etc
without the Admin or Owner permission that'd be called Plagiarism.
You should inform the Owner differently that Owner would be come onto your Blog, and he see his content on your blog might be he report on Google all of his content onto your Blog and you would down.

We mentioned here Copied Content Checker Tools Online in this article for your Blog improvements.

Finding your Duplicate Content Online...............

  Copy Scape  
Copy-Scape is a Online Tool of Duplicate Content Checking of your Blog and find out who pursue your personal content or report to Google

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This Tools is different from Copy-Scape but work like Duplicate Content Checker Tool.

So Users, If you find your content on other Blogs then report to Google for them specially because it'd unlawful for you.

Report Content

 Google DMCA

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