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Alternatives Of Google Adsense To Get Approval

Google Adsense is one of the best contextual ad network, majority of people try to get approval but it's not for everyone to get approval. Majority of People say that if you've Sub-Domain then you'd get approval from Google and it little bit sure. You can get for your own Website, Blog and Page. In this article we'd tell you few tricks for get an approval from Google Adsense. 

Getting Approval for Sub-Domain Site

Coordinate Site
There are some of Partnered or Trustworthy by Google which you can use it to get approval from Google. Websites like Blogger (Free Blogging Platform By Google) Hub Pages and Weebly etc. Both can get approval from Adsense. If you're trying on others then there'd be less chances to get approval even many User didn't got approval from WordPress Free Blogging Platform as they've tried with Sub-Domain and WordPress didn't allow User to pick ads in Site while in free service, So, how about Google Adsense easier than that of WordPress, there can be many reasons why not every free Sub-Domain Blogs Users get approval.


Before and After for you account approval, don't put any kind of advertisement into your Site or Blog which look like Google Adsense, In another way you'd not get approval. Also don't put ads of network or sites before and after of approval, as Google didn't say about ads of networks on the site, So maybe Users can put ads for advertisement while applying for  approval request. But I still suggest you that you should remove all kind of advertisement from your site while applying for Google Adsense. 


If you've buy or get best SEO optimize template than it's necessary for all Blogger to get approval, it'd suggest to have a SEO optimize template which would support any size of ads of Google brilliantly. Also having fast and high optimize loading template would always good. Don't use customized template of users because Google Adsense cannot approve your account for ads on your site, as that it'd be consider in copyright. Also suggest that you utilize templates officially provided by Free Blogger Services and if wanted, customize little bit for you Blog niche as you want to look up your Blog.

Also before utilizing any Third-Party template, be cautious that if you template author is trusted then well & good if not then look for another, as many of authors feel hateful codes or use ads which may create Google to consider that your Website or Blog isn't good, and If the Template's Author has keep hateful code then immediately change your Template to Bloggers Template, with that customize template you cannot get approval of Google Adsense and even your Website or Blog consider in Google Blacklist and other search engines.

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Copyright word means you should hate this word it means you're going to do something wrong in Internet World , It is very unlawful thing for a Blogger and also for a Website. Many of Blogger want more traffic for their Blog in short term time but they haven't idea that it is like an hacking or miss use of Someone's Blog, they got earning status after doing this but they are taking totally wrong, So , I am here to share with you Online Checking Tools for Copyright material. Google also Block such peoples in Copyright case because they stole someone material from his/her site and they've not taken seriously to that, and if you've copied some material from another Blog or Website then you'd not get approval except that the material is provided freely or with CCL in which you've given the status.

Also users copy other peoples Blog's widget and codes to create their own, by doing these thing you've less chances to get approval, as nearly all are the copyrighted by breaking the Google rules, few of peoples want to get status towards his/herself but also have the payment to give the owner. Do not use Images Search Engine for Put into your Blog or Website, all are Images copyrighted by someone.

Write Quality Content Articles

If you've a Site or Blog in Blogger, then remember to Write Good Quality Contents Articles. Publishing unmatched of Blog niche articles might be a reason for disapproval. If you've not get approval then check your all contents of you Blog, remember that you're publishing unmatched article of your Blog niche then you'll not get approval, as they concede possibility saw your Blog into spam.

Always publish new post every day , minimum  3 in a weak and 15 in a month you'll get more traffic and you'd be the best Blogger in Blogging World, by this method you can proof that your Site or Blog not created for only earning. Always be concern on you Grammar while writing articles do less mistakes in grammatical sequence. If your Publishing Illegal, Pornography, Copyrighted and expired apps, then there would be chances for disapproval, So don't do these things in your Blog after a short time period your Blog would be deleted and blacklisted by Google Authority.

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Excellent Traffic

Get Excellent amount of traffic before covering(applying) when you get slightly 100 of visitors everyday is perfect, Still you can't make much income from it with such less amount of traffic. If you've extremely large visitors base on your Site or Blog then you can simply get approval soon :-)

Disapproved Condition

If you're facing again disapproval than it's good to find out the reason behind it. If you knew it then try to fix it with some changes and then cover(apply) for then, but I suggest that cover(apply) after one weak from the date you again disapproved.

Editor's Desk

So now these were the some tricks to get an approval from Google Adsense. The reason of Google Disapproval of Site and Blogs, many users use Google Image Search Engine to get images while doing these things is very bad for your Site or Blog, as it may opposite the copyrights of the Author of that image ,So I suggest that you find images which you can put into your Site or Blog.

If you have any excuse or question about our this article than feel free to ask dropping down your comments and let me know about your ideas on Google Adsense. If it is useful for you then don't forget to share it with your friends from social networks also and you can follow me for more inconvenience G+, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, 
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