Thursday, February 20, 2014

PTCL One Year Internship Program For Youth

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Today I am here for sharing something special to Pakistani net users....

Please think relax and feel happy for this one
The name Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced the vacancies to let them know about yourself to prove how much talented you are and you'll be able to work there permanently.

PTCL has committed that created diverse favorable circumstances and allowing to people.
People bring their improvement for their lives permanently. PTCL President Mr Walid Irshad , One Year Paid Internship about that to show how they owned the purpose of their life.They can lead us and would be our leader tomorrow's world so be ensure of this.

Mr Walid Irshad Said that I am sure that such kind of programs play major role of buisness into their lives so I am glad for Youth to get a one chance to prove yourself . it is not a risk but it is possible for you to do .....!

Chief Human Resources Claim Mr Mazhar Hussain, this plan would play important role of life to enhance something.

50 Best performers would be assigned to work full time , as we call his/her Job.
100s of interns were paid by Different Organizations at the time of completion of One Year Team as usual.
Every Interns would be salaried when they get success in his/her work with an increased payment  of Rs. 15000 monthly.

This is the time to show how much brilliant you are and how much you can do.....
be ready for your turn i hope you're agreed with this offer

Thanks Alot

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