Sunday, June 19, 2016

Apple Announces Apps 2016 For Best Experience

Apple has recently taking carefully old tradition in this year's at WWDC event: announce it's best 12 Apple apps of the year for Apple user and fans to get more interesting iPhone experience.

This list of apps taking you to the study about medical and also games. Here is the mentioned below apple:

Free Android Apps For Smart Phones

The above listed Games Chameleon, Lara Croft, INKS with student free adviser apps: Linum and Dividr.

Linum is good interface game with the other games and it has the level to pass for last stage , very light and best game. Dividr is 3D based Touch and same as interface like Linum.

Lara Croft Go is a puzzle game, In the series of Hitman. it has new formulas and also popular series. Chameleon runner game with multi touch interface and user friendly also.

Other apps are music categories:  djay is that app which has won the year in 2011, as it " get latest benchmarks for work perfomance, use as apple Apple Technology, many of device support and their accessibility". Auxy also is non-invasive interface and advance appearance.

Ulysses is app based on writing which synchronize between iPhone,iPad and Mac to provide the best uninterrupted experience in writing across that board. The Zova app is work as a personal trainer for your healthy life activities or hobbies and also Streaks work like Zova but it's has more feature than that app.

Apple Designed it's Best App in 2016 

As we see in market that Apple Apps is little best programming language work for it's easy usage in the world and open source based so everyone can use these all. The Event WWDC recently announce the Playgrounds version for kids to teach how to go ahead fun and perceptive way.

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