Monday, June 20, 2016

Facebook Messenger Add New Features Of Home

SMS unification for Facebook Messenger app, it was updated past days ago. The thing is to update complete lately by David Marcus and Vice President of Message Products, they announced earlier and one thing they inform that some features will be come in future soon.

David performs that the Facebook Messenger has always same dull list of threads with unsorted descending order so it is also changed and newly updated.

Above 900 million users on Facebook Messenger App, more official institutes are following this App , so we wanted to search easily a exact person on App for conversation with past conversation and the next time begin process should be at same.
That's the reason of our excitement at this stage for you to know about new home increment on Facebook Messenger.

New Home Facebook Messenger App 

The update of new home window in Facebook Messenger has been revitalize. It has now some useful extra features.

Update in New Facebook Messenger App

Tap this for to chat easily with any instruction instantly in your favorite friends list, and also the fast searching feature in int.

The old Facebook Messenger was very complicated to know who's online there and individually taping on contact to check.

When you look for who's Birthday Today one by one but it has the new update of  to show you auto Birthday list of your friend and never gonna let you forget these moments.

If you go for to check all friends then you tap on Home widget and hopefully, you are there now.

Moving With Frequent Speed

The Social Network Facebook is going to fast for it's future and It's policies to easily use Facebook Messenger App.

SMS unification and the update of new features in Facebook Messenger App are will to contribute better functions for Facebook users, after that they were move to Messenger for chatting features, in case user feel more reliable at Messenger App of Facebook.

Whats App has near to 1 billion users, the update does not come as a best surprise taking that Facebook can be control via the Messenger App. To get more information about user is good from App rather than Website through Browser.

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