Monday, June 20, 2016

Payoneer Now Allows Withdrawl For Local Bank Account

Payoneer Now Allows Withdrawl For Local Bank Account

Payoneer is the best payment system, has opened it's own wire transfer service for all banks of Pakistan, in this service payoneer customers can use to transfer funds to a local banks account in Pakistan.

This will be helpful for Pakistani freelancers, who face trouble to charge their foreign clients, specially for PayPal Customers and for other most international services do not work properly at out of country based.

If you don't know , that payoneer account holder receive payments from every service in the world.

In early time freelancers withdraw their funds through the service of payoneer ATM's, it takes too costly for every transaction amount charges fixed about PKR 750.

Payoneer service has newly admit a good way to get amount in your Pakistan bank account and request for withdrawal.

Sing Up First:

Select Local Bank Account
After Sign In Go For Withdraw > To Local Bank Account Option

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